Web Development @Sydbank

Frontend Web Developer in Sydbank

eSport trainer @Aabenraa Ungdomsskole

One day a week I am educating the local youth in eSport. Read more about it here (See page 30/31)

Front End Development @Life-Partners.com

During my time at Life-partners, a price winning provider of healtcare IT-solutions, I worked on renewing their website look, and also on different small tasks related to the visual identity.

Front End Development @SUMOstudio

In the years I worked for SUMOstudio I did alot of webshop development ranging from small tasks on established customer webshops to complete builds of new webshops from scratch. SUMOstudio is a Webshop supplyer that specialize in Online Retail trade and the customer list includes some major players on the danish market.

Web Development @Secoya

At Secoya i helped the company review its customers established websites in order to update renew and maintain a contemporary relevans. I Also worked on a big mobile website for a big danish house building company called Huscompagniet m.huscompagniet.dk. My experience from this mobile website and the problems within the maintenance of it caused me to write my Bachelor assignment about “Responsive Web design” a technique where websites is created to custom “fit” the device it is displayed on in contrary to designing multiple websites that is then served to its appropriate device. The website mentioned is no longer in use.

GUI Development @Alexandra Institute

On the last semester of my Web Developer education i was in internship at the security department of the Alexandra Instsitute where i helped create a guided user interface for a energi auctioning platform called energiauktion.dk. The site was build in JAVA with GoogleWebToolkit using a cryptographic method called SMC (“Secure Multiparty Computation”).

Volunteer Webmaster @music festival

During my Multimedia student time, i was helping a local amateur festival called: “Follow The White Rabbit” (ftwr.dk) with establishing its website and login/member system.
The last held festival was in 2011 and the website is no longer in use.

TDC Hotline @Call Center Europe

At TDC Hotline i worked as a Internet Connection Troubleshoter over the phone diagnosing home network setups and ADSL Internet Connections. Here I leaned alot about internet connections, networking protocols and different operating systems. My time with TDC increased my general interess in computers and eventually lead to me starting on the Multimedia Designer Study.

Cinema Operator @Kino1-2

My first tecnical job was as an youth operator of Aabenraa Cinema (kino1-2.dk). Here i did setup the movie in the projector before the movie started and rewind again after the show.